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Fortnite Simulator

Fortnite Simulator
4.3 (86.25%) 16 vote[s]
Friv.com > Friv Online Games > Fortnite Simulator
Fortnite Simulator is training and practicing game that can upgrade your performance and abilities in the cool friv Fortnite online game. If you're here we understand that you too have become addicted to Fortnite but it's OK! As you know, you are not alone :) So if you want to discover new worlds, explore, learn, recognize new elements, get better in construction you are no doubt going to enjoy the game! Let's get to know the keys in the Fortnite Simulator game, how to control your character. with the Arrows you can move left or right, forward or backward (You can do the same with the WASD keys). with the keys of the numbers 1,2,3,4 you can aim ,shoot and build (the game is also aim training Fortnite Simulator which can help you in your search after new Fortnite creative, codes, maps and more!). Cool weapons you can discover with the keys of numbers 5,6,7. Once you want to jump use the space key. And with the shift key you can run. in the fortnite building simulator game you will literally discover the game again! Do not believe? Play Fortnite Simulator game now!