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Fireboy & Watergirl in the Forest Temple

fireboy & watergirl in the forest temple is an action platform browser game where players have to control two characters. The challenging part of the game is that sometimes is not that easy to guide two characters. One solution is to ask someone else to control one of the characters. It’s more fun when players interact and work together. Fireboy needs to watch out for the watery areas and Watergirl has to be careful not to step on fire. Mud puddles are deadly to both of them. Fire and water diamonds are collected for extra points. A level ends when both characters reach the destination point. The Forest Temple is the first challenge in front of the Fireboy and Watergirl characters. You are at the entrance of cool games series that begins on the Forest Temple continues to the light temple, then return to the first temple that next comes the ice temple and then come the last game on this Fireboy and Watergirl cool games collection the crystal temple. Join a great game that challenges you many hours of fun! fireboy & watergirl in the forest temple is game with endless obstacles and tasks you must go through.