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Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants AdventurePlay Fancy pants game. Free online games on 2 new friv. The Fancy pants game are about a character who always dots in fancy pairs of pants. You play an animated character that goes to the open levels that are full of enemies and large obstacles. You can escape the problems by using the springboards that will help you jump towards the sky, you can run around using half pipes to run and move around. The game can be slowed or quickened to ensure that you have all the fun you want. As play Fancy pants game, you will have to deal with floating trophies. You can use the swirls to refill your energy and give you an additional life and its measured in number of pants and you get more for every 100 more. After this one game, waiting for, who that want to play the Fancy pants 2 online game part 2. There continues Fancy pants his adventures. If you like playing with laughing and obstacles in yours game, that the Fancy pants game from is for you guys!