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Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 doesn’t allow players to use genetically modified ducks anymore. Races are still the main feature but the gameplay is slightly modified. Three trainers will help ducks improve their skills and also earn money that can be spent at the game shop for all sorts of items. More ducks can be recruited from the shop, hairstyles, all sorts of crazy hats like melon caps or a fez can be found at the store. The tournament hall is the place where players register to take part in competitions. A tournament has three races. Ducks get points for their overall performance. Play Duck Life 4 on here you can find the three games that preceded the fourth game you are playing now! Duck Life 4 brings with it a lot of fun as any new cool game offers players. A moment before the duck life treasure hunt game you can enjoy the challenging of Duck Life 4 Game for Free!