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Dino Run

Dino Run Game for players who like cool challenges. exactly where you will find plenty of these kinds of games if you are looking for a great running game joined to the little dinosaur (that called Dino) on a journey of great challenge Dino Run. You are landing on an earlier era where dinosaurs still exist. But to survive the ancient period and all her obstacles around you need to go for a run with your Dino Run where you will meet difficulties and barriers that you have to pass through in order to survive and make Dino Happy! Dino Run is cool game that you can play on few modes include multiplayer game. So how players can help Dino to survive the game? Well First of all make sure you in shape because in this game you have to run a lot and fast! During the game you will meet eggs and you need collect and pick them, eat them to get scores and Power up. In order that the age of dinosaurs does not extinction find all the dinosaur eggs and protecting them. Enjoy playing this cool game on and know that the second game Dino Run Enter Planet D is already here for you.