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cut the rope game

cut the rope gameCut the Rope game online at is about a hanging candy which you cut by clicking on it. The challenge is getting it to Om Nom’s mouth. This online game is all about feeding a mouse with candy and different objects like bellow and floating bubbles will try to top. You have to handle the candy carefully until it gets into the mouse’s mouth. To play cut the rope online game, you click on the play button on the game, and then you can start using the different tools that given to you to find solution, for the puzzle. This ensures that the candy gets into the mouth of the mouse. You earn points when you collect you feed it. The world loved the game, and after 400 million downloads you can play Cut the Rope online and enhoy with the game any time for free. On cut the rope online game you find many solutions to the questions that come up in the cut the rope download for pc game version, like: cut the rope apk and cheats. So let’s play!