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Cool Math Games Parking Mania

Cool Math Games Parking ManiaPlay Cool Math Games Parking Mania on 2, online free games the best place! Parking Mania is casual browser game, that requires players to park a car. It’s a game with super simple mechanics but players will soon find out that completing a level is not easy at all. Points are scored depending on time and the number of total moves. Players that manage to complete the Parking Mania mission in only one turn get significant bonuses. At higher levels, the game gets even more challenging. Drivers must carefully maneuver the vehicle so they don’t bump into other cars. The graphics are minimal but nicely executed. It’s a catchy game that keeps players entertained for hours. Especially love the game players that also love cars games and racing games. After you finish the challenge on the Parking Mania game, You are invited to discover more cool games from the cool site Have Fun!