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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is Cool Game Which the goal is to make cookies but not on the usual way that we know at the regular Cooking Games. Players should prepare their finger on mouse because in this game is going to work extra hours! The center of the game you will meet huge cookie and you will see that once you click on it a number of times, money will start to fly! You need this money in order to build a successful cookie shop. Let’s start make cookies with the Cookie Clicker Of course! How many cookies you can make in a minute? Let’s see and check your Cookie Clicker Achievements against the world players and maybe they will discover you cookie clicker cheats that will help you beat the challenge! The game is not another cooking game is a real strategy game which you need to plan the smart way you can make the most of cookies with a minimum of time and money. The game shows you 7 icons. Each icon has its own role. Using them through the number key that is show next to them. We have a chef, waitress girl, shop, tree, factory, safety deposit box and mall. Next to each icon we’ll see an amount of money and seconds. Follow the instructions in the game these figures will help you to know when you can use any icon. During the game Cookie Clicker when you click on the cookie you will need to release locking elements that you need for progress in building the game. The game Cookie Clicker is very complex and interesting. Recommended for players who like to think Join this cool game on now turn your thinking and create a lot of cookies in minimum seconds. If you need some cookie clicker cheats don’t be shy to ask!