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Cactus McCoy

Cactus McCoyPlay with Cactus McCoy on new place! The game is about treasure hunting plan that goes wrong and McCoy that was men, becomes to be a cactus. He is affected by the old traditional curse known as Curse of Thorns. McCoy has to take the treasure back to its home. If he does not take the Thorned Emerald back, he has to live as a Cactus McCoy until he dies. You have to fight for him, jump and run and defeat the Enemigos, who are armies sent by Hex Hatfield, the monster. Taking the treasure back is full of challenges like very sharp machetes and giant bazookas. Use all means available to upgrade your power and become a more powerful fighter! When you are done the way on Cactus McCoy 1, you’ll be happy to find that there has been some other game, part 2 to this game! Cactus McCoy 2 already waiting for you! First time we met Cactus McCoy was at games the online games website, the coolest one! Here you also will find all the friv games that shows in the popular site.