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Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner is a puzzle matching game. The game objective is as simple as it can be: to clear the board while scoring a maximum number of points. Bubbles disappear when they are matched with at least two other bubbles of the same color. Players are given a bubble to shoot that will get stuck to the first bubble it encounters no matter the color. Every few seconds things get more complicated as more bubbles spawn. The game is not exactly easy and it requires some strategic planning, accuracy and speed. Players get points every time they make bubbles disappear. So what the different from the classic game of Bubble Shooter Game you ask? In Bubble Spinner game you are playing when the game space is spinning! The challenge here is much more difficult because the game is on motion, once one bubble bursting every area of the game rotating and changes direction. The Bubble Spinner Game belongs to Bubble Shooter Games family but it’s come with higher difficulty level.