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Bomberman Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire is a Bomberman style game playable on any computer in a web browser. The game has old school retro graphics and gameplay features that remind users of the original Bomberman. Players have the option to compete against one, two or even three computer controlled opponents. Extra points are scored in games against multiple opponents. The game Playing With Fire objective is to place bombs and to blow up all enemies in two minutes or less. Power ups give players boosts such as faster run speed, increased area damage from bombs or allow them to place more bombs at a time. The game players can decide whether to play alone or with a friend. This Friv game is suitable for two players or one that your choice. Bomberman Playing With Fire is the first game in a series of games which has three parts, so let’s start to play and enjoy! Even if you are young players the challenge provide you lots of fun because this game is the original series of the modern games that called Bomb it.