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Bomb It 5

Bomb It 5 The Fifth Game In The Style Bomberman Games Series on Place! The Game Bomb It 5 brings us even more crazy bombing action for those that have an insatiable appetite for fun and casual games of this type. New character models, more arena background images and wacky vehicles await players. Those that think that skateboards or sports cars are too common have the option to use frogs or mammoths. Landmines, machine guns and fireball launchers are some of the new weapons available to players. Just like the previous titles, this new installment has three difficulty settings, the option to choose from six background pictures, four battle modes and lots of extremely useful power ups. Join the new game in the series Bomb It 5 and enjoy all challenges that the game offers to players. Players who know the game and follow after all game series, will be surprised to discover exciting game even more the previous. Also in this game two players can enjoy the challenge. Play on all Bomb It Games for free.