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Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4Bomb It 4 Play Where U Can Find All Bomb It Games For Free! On Of Course! Game Bomb It 4 challenges bomb loving maniacs with a whole new set of levels and other exciting game play features. This fourth installment has the same power ups as the previous versions of Games Bomb It but adds new weapons and vehicles. Laser guns, boxing gloves, rocket launchers, ninja stars, flamethrowers and grenades can be used as weapons. In a world where dinosaurs, snow mobiles and magic carpets can be used as vehicles anything is possible, even whacking out the opponents with a hammer. Be it an Egyptian tomb, a pizza restaurant, a wedding ceremony or a volcano, the game Bomb It 4 provides several arena background images and many surprises! After you’ve success go through the three exciting games in the Bomb It Games series it’s time to try the new challenge that brings the fourth new Game Friv on 2. Play Bombit 4 game show what you have learned from the previous games!