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Bad Ice Cream 6

Bad Ice Cream 6
4.4 (87.84%) 1094 vote[s]
Friv.com > Friv Online Games > Bad Ice Cream 6
Bad Ice Cream 6 Play today at Friv.com 2 we are already had time to play the sixth game at the successful series Bad Ice Cream Friv and think it was worth the wait patiently. Collecting fruits under fire comes back to us in a new and unexpected version. Like the previous games players will meet here the possibility of playing with friends and family, because the game is suitable for two players if you wish and even you can play against the PC if it is more challenging to you. Bad Ice Cream 6 Game can take you out to the roads because it works for a computer and mobile devices too how do you choose and where you want to play with. Now Back to the plot of the game. As we know the funny characters will appear here too but with more power and fighting abilities. The goal is to collect all fruits which are scattered on the ground. Every fruit that collected will entitle the player points and forces. Play Bad Ice Cream 6 the new part at Friv.com and enjoy at special Adventure.