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Backgammon Online

Backgammon online is an accessible browser game perfect for classic board games fans. One of the best things about this game is that it allows players to enjoy a game of Free Backgammon even if they don’t own a board, pegs or a pair of dice. It can even be played on smart phones or on a tablet. Matches are played 1 versus 1 against a computer controlled opponent. The primary game objective is to relocate pegs until they are all situated in the lower right area of the board. It’s a casual addictive game that can easily turn into a real time sink. Here on you can play backgammon online for free and anytime. If in the past we had to look for friends to play with us, today the game is available on any platform. Today players can also choose how to play. You can play against friends in multiplayer game, want to play alone? It’s OK! You can play against the computer also. The Backgammon online game offers even more options than the old game we used to play on a real table. For those who have forgotten how to play Backgammon there are in the game short guide. all Friv Games & More!