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Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran RunPlay Angry Gran Run game online. An old angry lady has escaped from the Angry Asylum where she was locked up in a strange old city. She is happy to be free at long last. However she needs your help to run on the streets. You have to ensure that the brutal punks or any obstacles on her way are removed for her to keep up with the fun. You need some excellent navigation skills to help her run fast in order to survive. The game is funny, thrilling and full of action as the old woman runs. It is a bit challenging, but you will enjoy playing, precisely because it! If you love the Temple Run Online Game you must to play Angry Gran Run game. Similar and cool running games, free online games, that you can play both games here! So go ahead! Start the run! when you finish the mission, know that the second game Angry Gran Run 2 waiting for you, already! Have fun!