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StarDoll Dress Up

StarDoll Dress Up is an online browser game that caters mostly to young female players. Girls get to design a unique star doll by choosing from an impressive array of hair styles, accessories, make up and many other customization options. Trendy outfits and fancy costumes are bought from the in game shop called Star Plaza. There are millions of clothes to choose from and one of the best game’s features is that players can create their own costumes and sell them to other users. Stardoll live in a suite that can be customized as well. Many unique decorations are available. Join the virtual world of girls where everything is painted in fashion and beauty. Here on the game players can create their own style like on the virtual world of StarDoll Play wonderful game with Pretty StarDoll and enjoy the challenge of creating your own fashion line. StarDoll Dress Up Games For Girls (Usually), But that does not mean that boys are not can interested in them too (!)