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Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game is a delightful browser game that is all about baking deliciously looking cupcakes. Cooking Games fans get ready! With just a few mouse clicks, players will add the necessary ingredients, bake the cupcakes and then ornate them. Choose from multiple ingredients to give each cupcake a unique flavor! Different topping types of different colors will give each cupcake a nice look! From stars to squirmy worms, lots of ornaments can be used to decorate cupcakes. Once the cupcake is done it will attract a Moshi monster. Put on a chef hat, get baking and discover all Moshi monsters and their favorite yummy cupcakes! So how your skills in the kitchen? In the game you can check this with the moshi monsters from the virtual world! Play Moshi Monsters Cupcake Game and make delicious cupcake! Play alongside the familiar characters on and you will discover also more cool moshi monsters games for girls and even for boys!