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Elsa Frozen Flu Doctor

Elsa Frozen Flu Doctor Game on gives player the chance to become doctors or nurse for one of the most popular Disney characters. Somehow Elsa has come down with the flu. Players will carefully analyze her symptoms by checking her temperature and heart beats. After Elsa Frozen has been diagnosed the treatment will begin. Players have everything they need to cure a banal flu: cough syrup, nasal spray and fresh oxygen. The game is extremely simple so it’s suitable for kids. It has nice graphics that will transport the little players into Elsa’s frozen world. Make sure to put on a coat and not catch Elsa’s cold! Princess Elsa Frozen the movie star of “Elsa the Snow Queen” come to visit and joins the Disney princesses games on the site. Enter the nurse’s shoes and make Elsa healthy again. Play a game of beauty and health for boy and girls! Find more Elsa Frozen Games after you have succeeded to heal Elsa.