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Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 the great war online game now on with few versions, that you can choose from. Warfare 1917 is a World War I inspired browser strategy game. The game recreates historical battles and allows players to experience the war on both sides. Aligning themselves with either the Germans or the British, players lead their teams to victory in strategic confrontations. Each side has its own campaign with different missions and objectives. Players on Warfare 1917 also get to learn about weaponry and artillery used in those times. Armies are built with infantry soldiers and fire support. Those who finish the campaign but are hungry for some more warfare are invited to try the skirmish mode with custom made battle maps. If you searched for free play version of Warfare 1917 that the levels unblocked or even looking for the gane warfare 1917 hacked version so you can rest easy that you found what you were looking for here on where you can find the coolest games for sure