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Tanki Online Tank Wars

Tanki Online Tank Wars turns to players who like a lot of action in their shooting games. When we say shooting games this includes war, battles, conflicts, and a lot of armored tanks. The game Tank Wars consists of several stages and each stage will meet another task with different difficulty level. You have here limited time. Within the time you need to eliminate enemies, as many enemies as possible before the time ends . As much as you will be better than you can earn points and money for upgrades. Tanki Online is cool Tank Wars game that you can learn from him a lot of moves and skills that will help you in the virtual world of war. Play on cool games like the original Tanki online that here too! Go ahead and join to the tank battles! Your goal on Tanki Tank Wars is to eliminate the enemy tanks and gain a high score. For Special Attack use the Q Key. For movements use the WASD keys of course and with your mouse you can to aim & shoot!