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Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force HeroesPlay Strike force heroes 1 on frivcom friv 2 new games space. This Strike force heroes game is about a rebel force sent on a mission, but that happens an explosion happened and a plane crash followed. After that some of the people in your squad started behaving strangely and you need to know the case of all that. But can you go looking for that information and come out alive. Strike force heroes is an action game that seeks to unravel some conspiracy by blasting everything. You can use the keyboard to manipulate the soldiers. It is interesting, but odd in a way, you name is Medic in the story but when you resurrect, you called Commando, but its fun and engaging. The part 2 of the game is already waiting for you, after you finish the first mission and battles. The Strike force heroes game is on of many free games that came from and now available here at the frivcom 2.