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Street Sesh

Street Sesh Game on is a casual skateboarding simulator playable in a web browser. Players will hop on a skateboard and start an insane journey through an urban setting. The game becomes increasingly more difficult as skateboarders have to avoid obstacles such as cars or stairs. Points are awarded for combo moves and for collecting different items. Skateboard specific tricks such as backflips and many others can be performed as well. The goal of the Street Sesh game is to get as much points as possible without losing your balance. When players trip or fall from their skateboards the score is reset to 0. Already at the beginning of the game you will understand that this is a great game with cool 3D graphics which gives the game a challenging and unique aspect. Street Sesh Game is the first game on cool 3D game series. What your skills on skateboard? On Street Sesh 1 you can begin to check it out! For special moves use the keys: X, Z and Space bar key for Movements use the Arrow.