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Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 online is the continuation of the well known Street Fighter Game, one of the first fighting games created back in the day. The insanely popular fighting action is carried forward with a worldwide tournament. Players must defeat opponents from all corners of the planet and win the big prize. Familiar characters like Blanka or Honda are among the enemies that must be defeated. Normal attacks do moderate amounts of damage but combo moves have impressive results. Each character on Street Fighter 2 Game has unique combos. Guile does a sonic boom, Blanka has a rolling attack and Balrog surprises opponents with a dashing uppercut. The game Street Fighter 2 brings the players fans of cool war games an extraordinary experience! Get ready for a few hours of fun that no one meets every day for Free! Play on the online version of Street Fighter 2 online without to overload the computer useless files. Just Play and Enjoy!