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PES 2015

PES 2015 Pro Evolution Soccer is a sports simulation game with a focus on football. It continues the famous series of sports games that was first released back in 1985. It’s built on a proprietary game engine that delivers superb graphics that make players feel like they are on the football field themselves. Maneuvering football players has never been easier, the game PES 2015 has intuitive controls. Players are able to perform moves just like real footballers. Teams like Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid are featured in the game. The game is available now for all platforms! Consoles, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and also XBOX ONE and of course the game already available for PC as we know each year new game version released and finally came the turn of PES 2015 Pro Evolution Soccer game for the new year. So who has already purchased the full game? What do you think about the new PES game? Tell us! Players who have not yet purchased the game, we are recommended to download the PES 2015 Demo first. We can already tell that we liked the game very much and don’t miss the brilliant trailer!