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Gun Mayhem 3

Gun Mayhem 3 is the third game in a series of cool shooting games. Like the two games we knew before, this game is also suitable for two players or one player who is running the challenge against his computer. We did not have to wait long time for Gun Mayhem 3 at least not as we waited between the first and second game. You are ready to start a new game? Great! In front of us multiplayer game as it was in the previous games, but here at the third shooting game you can play with more than four players at the same time. This limitation has been removed and now you can play with how many players that you want! One requirement is that all players must be connected to the game at the same time when the game is running. Like on the previous games of Gun Mayhem, also on Gun Mayhem 3 you will find new weapons and new maps of new fighting zones. Play all Gun Mayhem game on and stay up to date because the fourth game Gun Mayhem 4 will be here soon!