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Effing Worms

Effing WormsPlay Effing Worms game on frivcom the new friv 2. The Effing Worms game is a game that has giant worms that dig big tunnels and surprise cows, pedestrian and cops. The aim of the game is for you to feed the worms and control them. You will be affected by the force of gravity when the worms are not underground. You eat a number of people who are against you or the enemies, and the game progresses you get more powerful enemies. You eat them and defeat them to move to the next level. The fun is endless and it does not stop there, just making the creature eat and grow is just satisfying. On the game Effing Worms you can find a lot of action and fun for free. Play Effing Worms on frivfrivcom the place that bring you the best free online games.