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Dad n me

Dad n mePlay Dad n me game on free online games new site! On Dad and me game you adore your father and therefore want to follow his footsteps. In the game you become a kid who unleashes terror in their neighborhood, beating and killing people in cruel ways. The child is following his father’s foots steps and bullies everyone and does not care, he just want to be most feared. Dad n me game online free is challenging, but once you master the controls, you are ready fight people laughing at you. You can combine your wrath to punish any one who makes fun of you skull mask. Make use of your best skills and rage on like never before. The game Dad n me friv proper for big players. ONLY. dad games is great free game, but! For players that can understand him right.Play free online games on frivcom and enjoy from Full of Games any time and hour. Now go and win on Dad n me game that waiting only for you to start!