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Age of War 2

Age of War 2 New Game that joins the game that opened the excellent series. On Friv Age of War version you will meet cool missions, new moves, upgraded combat zones and more surprises! The Game Age of War 2 mixes defense features with strategy gameplay. In order to win the game, players must successfully complete one task: annihilate the enemy headquarters. The trick is that, at the same time, own base must be protected at all costs. Units are extremely useful when it comes to launching an offense against the enemy. There are four types of units: infantry, anti armor, support and heavy. Upgrades improve units and boost their battle performance. Turrets are important as well because they defend the home base. When players earn enough experience points, special actions like powerful attacks are unlocked. And if we’ve already said “unlocked” So you will be happy to know that the version we present here is of Age of War 2 Unblocked So that you can progress all the time without getting stuck in the game!