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Game Friv Bloons Tower Defense

Game Friv Bloons Tower Defense Play Bloons Tower Defense Cool Math Games at Frivcom 2, The Place With All games That You Are Looking For! Bloons Tower Defense is an uncomplicated casual browser game. It takes only a few moments to figure out what needs to be done it but once players get the hang of it they will spend countless hours playing it. The goal is simple: balloons keep coming and players have to stop them by placing towers. Some towers produce an area of effect attack that kills all nearby balloons and others shoot the balloons one by one. Traps and bombs are used as well. The more balloons players stop, the more money they earn. Money is used to buy and upgrade towers. The Bloons Tower Defense game is recommended for those who like to play strategy games. This is smart game. Once you understand the goal of the game, you’ll enjoy the game and can play for hours!