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Friv Monkey GO Happy 4 Game

Friv Monkey GO Happy 4 GamePlay Friv Monkey GO Happy 4 Game on 2 The Best Friv Games. Monkey GO Happy is an enjoyable puzzle game, that requires players to put a smile on the monkeys’ face. All 15 stages are accessible right from the start and, as soon as players complete these stages, one more is unlocked. Each stage on Monkey GO Happy 4 Game has a different background image and a unique puzzle. Puzzles are simple so even kids can solve them but adults may find them entertaining as well. In addition to puzzle solving the game features two other activities: obtaining coins and exchanging them for mini toys. Achievements such as completing a number of stages are also on the features’ list. The game Monkey GO Happy 4 is not a single game! You’ll be happy to find out that the game here, is one game from whole series of Monkey Games.