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Game Friv Tractor Mania

Game Friv Tractor ManiaTractor Mania Game Friv Play on 2 where you will find all cool games from the original Friv. Your goal on in the game is to drive the Tractor carefully and quickly, when you meet on the road, lot of obstacles and bumps that you need get through. The area of the game is very hilly and steeply, which makes the game extremely challenging and difficult. Took the tractor and move up to the mission! 24 levels are waiting for you, But! only one level open for you at the beginning of the game Tractor Mania. Each time you succeed in your mission, you can move forward and open level. The game lets you test your virtual driving ability on big tractor. Drive the tractor and watch out! There are many dangers on the way. Play Tractor Mania on 2 and when you’re done, you are invited to discover more car games that make you happy!